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March 09, 2021 | 5:15 PM

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You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup: Why Self-Care is Critical for Case Managers and Clinicians

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April 22, 2021 | 5:15 PM

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Welcome to CMSA Detroit

The Five C’s of Care Considerations:
Engaging Case Management Ethical Excellence

Presenter: Ellen Fink-Samnick MSW, ACSW, LCSW, CCM, CRP

Ellen Fink-Samnick is an award-winning industry thought leader who empowers healthcare's transdisciplinary workforce. Known and highly respected as 'The Ethical Compass of Professional Case Management', she is a sought out professional speaker and author with hundreds of offerings and publications to her credit.

March 25th, 5:15 pm via ZOOM



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Case management is a constantly changing profession, and one that patients rely on to be able to get the best, most reliable healthcare possible. Case managers know that when it comes to the patient’s health, they need to understand what the problem is, what the solutions are and why those solutions are the right ones for them. Founded nationally in 1990, the Case Management Society of America is a non-profit organization that exists to educate its members, the public, healthcare providers and regulators alike about improved patient procedures and outcomes, and how to achieve the optimum results for all parties involved.

We envision case managers as pioneers of healthcare change…key initiators of, and participants in the healthcare team who open up new areas of thought…research and development…leading the way toward the day when every American will know what a case/care manager does and will know how to access case/care management services.The Detroit chapter of the Case Management Society of America is dedicated to growing the profession of case management in the region through educational opportunities and promoting respected standards of practice in the field of healthcare. Our pledge is to keep you informed and up to date about the services that case and care managers provide and any member events such as webinars or education forums that we may present. Our goal is to assist Detroit case managers in providing top-quality and cost-effective care, by communicating pertinent information to patients and clients.


Mark Evans, Past President of CMSA Detroit, is a Director on the national CMSA Board of Directors.  Please contact Mark with your ideas or questions related to our national organization.

For more information about CMSA National Leadership, visit www.cmsa.org and search under About CMSA.