History of Detroit Chapter

The following is from Pam Feinberg-Rivkin. Pam was part of a small group of dedicated case managers who started the Detroit Chapter of CMSA and was the original President of the Board of Directors.

"The National CMSA organization was introduced to me by my former leader, Gary Wolf, who I worked with at Pacific Review Services (PRS) in Southern California. Gary was deeply involved with the formation of CMSA in 1990, and was the President of National CMSA from 1994 – 1995. Gary advocated for all of his Case Managers to attend the National Conferences, which led me to Nashville, San Francisco, San Diego and Chicago for conferences. The networking and education that was presented by the organization was powerful for learning and allowed myself to create a company of my own in 1996.

When I moved from California to Michigan in 1993, there wasn’t a local Detroit Chapter for CMSA. With my connection to CMSA Nationally while living in California, I was able to assist with the formation of the Detroit Chapter and became the first President in 1996. The group was able to draw speakers, to include Dr. Owen Perlman, M.D., and Charles Seigerman, Ph.D., to provide education while promoting Case Management.

The Detroit Chapter of CMSA has grown tremendously since 1996. The success as a chapter has been due to many Case Managers who have served as Presidents and Board Members since the inception in 1996. I am proud of the chapter that was formed in 1996 and want to thank all members involved in that formation for the continued growth and success."


FOUNDER: Pam Feinberg-Rivkin


Betty Buechel
Margaret Davis
Mark Evans
Kathy Forrest
Deborah Johnson
Rebecca Long
Ann Meier
Jacqueline Wajer