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A Message from the President

Historically, we have lived and gone through a very critical time as 2020 was undoubtedly a very unforgettable year. It tested our resilience and our stamina. Whether directly or indirectly, you may have been affected during the pandemic. However, 2021 brings to us a new year and with that, the promise that it carries with it. Although we still navigate in a virtual platform, the CMSA Detroit Chapter strives to continue to present information that will assist as you effectively navigate through administering care and case management. We thank each of you for your commitment and dedication as we continue to stay the course.

As we move into 2021, we will transition to utilizing our website as the avenue to convey many of our announcements. Please check the website for a plethora of information for our case managers. Our chapter will be offering a new series of Fourth Thursday Webinars that will be free to our members which will be insightful and engaging. Plans are in process for the October 7, 2021 virtual conference.  Let us know if you would like to help develop the education program via [email protected]. Please continue to visit our website as we periodically update information on our 2021 educational programs.

In addition, this year will mark a historic event as we are embarking on the celebration of 25 years for CMSA Detroit. The chapter was formed in 1996 and has continued to evolve over the years to what it is today. We look forward to you celebrating with us throughout the year and wish you a prosperous and fulfilling new year! As I have previously stated and it still resonates even more at this time; on behalf of the CMSA Detroit Board and myself, we hope you and those that are centered around you, remain in good health.


Vivian Greenway, RN, MSA, PhD, CCM
President, CMSA Detroit


Thank you Melanie Prince!
At the October 8 conference, CMSA Detroit presented CMSA national President Melanie Prince with an iconic Detroit train station photograph and a basket of Detroit goodies.  Melanie gave an excellent presentation on Change Management and shared information about changes happening at the national and chapter level.