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Letter From CMSA NATIONAL PresidenT

Dear Colleagues,

The year 2020 will be recorded as a year of “Firsts” for many events and momentous occasions.  “Virtual” may be the largest word in any 2020 Word Cloud, uttered by people around the world.  I join this group as I celebrated the virtual gavel exchange between Jose Alejandro, PhD, RN-BC, CCM, FACHE, FAAN and myself as I accepted the position and responsibilities of CMSA President.  I am honored, humbled and excited about this opportunity!  I am also grateful to Jose Alejandro, Fraser Imagineers, and many others who supported past administrations and this transition to the 2020 – 2022 CMSA Board of Directors.  I am ready to forge new paths with bold determination, innovation, and leading-edge programs to position CMSA as a power player within the profession of case management and the healthcare industry at large.  The realization of this statement will require a community effort… the proverbial “it takes a village”!

Community is more important than ever.  A rallying cry of unity and the declaration of “stronger together” were resounding themes during the CMSA 2020 Conference, Virtual Edition.  These sentiments around community and unity are a silver lining of today’s complex challenges.  The “silver lining” metaphor is apt because the setbacks and harm some of us are experiencing also contains a potential for a beneficent outcome.  Unity and the prospect of joining together in a more intentional way are the basis for hope, comfort, and positivity in the midst of health challenges, financial insecurity, the passing of family members and friends, job loss or career change, social discord, feelings of fear or isolation, and general sense of uncertainty about the future.

I strive to see the positivity in any situation and I am inspired by the general temperament of case managers everywhere!  Professional case managers coordinate care and assist families under the most challenging of circumstances.  Therefore, it is no surprise that the tone and attitude of our professional community is determined and resolute, rising not only to the occasion but also above the occasion.  It is with this backdrop that I humbly and excitedly take the reins of the CMSA presidency with equal determination and boldness to drive innovation, new strategies to enhance member value, and renewed focus on public policy.

As President, I look forward to energizing coalitions of community at every level.  Building upon the concept of unity and “stronger together”, a connected community will propel CMSA forward into an expectedly new, but hopeful, normal.  One of my strategic goals is to engage member talent (whole talents) and connect complementary talents in ways that will transform CMSA.  Imagine a “Smart Connection” where a coalition community focuses on use of technology in case management practice and throughout CMSA.  Or a “Change Connection” where a coalition community connects to affect change in policy, standards, and CMSA member value.  Consider a “Virtual Connection” where a coalition of talented members sustain the merits of online meetings, presentations, educational offerings, networking, and socialization experienced during the 2020 CMSA Conference, Virtual Edition.  These are only three examples of how I plan to utilize the “whole” of our organization to develop a transformative future for us and by us. 

While the goals are to transform our association, we should also embrace a connectedness to other entities with similar interests in coordinating care and elevating patients to the best version of themselves throughout their health journey.  Case managers orchestrate sometimes impossible care strategies that require alliances with other healthcare professionals, agencies, and industry partners.  CMSA can be even stronger if we develop symbiotic and complementary strategies to not only advance the value of CMSA but also support the success of partners who are members of the total professional team employed in professional case management.   These ideas will require a different mindset, a unique manner of utilizing time and space, and an embracement of diversity in thought, professional discipline, and demography to elevate CMSA to the pinnacle position of association excellence.  I hope you will join me and I say again, “Let’s Do This!”


Melanie Prince, RN, MSN, RN-BC, CCM
President CMSA


JUNE 2020

In March, all of our lives, personally and professionally changed dramatically and we had to transition into what we now know as a ‘new normal’. Whether you were deemed an essential worker or one whose efforts were still relied on working from home, as health care professionals, we all were impacted.

As we strive to ensure we develop educational sessions that will benefit our members, we ask that you bear with us – the platform we were use to (dinner conferences) was not an option and it required our board to become creative in implementing other opportunities while the stay at home order was in place. As we navigate through this global pandemic, the CMSA Detroit Chapter Board will continue to work diligently to enhance the way we bring information and resources to you. Operating virtually has been an interesting challenge, however we continue to function collectively to ensure we are attentive to your needs as a member of CMSA Detroit.

I would like to update you on some of the educational components we are working on for our members: we are in the process of developing virtual webinars - yes this is a first for us! In addition, we are still working on future conferences as we embrace a new approach to how we operate. However, we are proceeding with caution as the uncertainty of a possible next phase puts us somewhat at a disadvantage. In the meantime, please peruse our website to explore other educational resources available exclusively to our members.

We value you as a member and appreciate your patience. As we continue to work through this pandemic, we want to encourage you to remain optimistic – we will get through this together.  On behalf of the CMSA Detroit Board and myself, we hope you and those that are centered around you, remain in good health.

Vivian Greenway, RN, MSA, PhD, CCM
President, CMSA Detroit