About Us


“We envision case managers as pioneers of healthcare change…key initiators of, and participants in the healthcare team who open up new areas of thought…research and development…leading the way toward the day when every American will know what a case/care manager does & will know how to access case/care management services.”


“To positively impact and improve patient well being and healthcare outcomes.”

To execute this Mission, CMSA Detroit will base its efforts on the following three ideologies:

  • To inform consumers about the services case and care managers provide

  • To educate physicians and other providers about improved patient outcomes through the services case and care managers provide

  • To educate payors and regulators about improved patient outcomes that case and care management services can provide

The Principles upon which the Mission is based are outlined in this statement:

“Case/Care managers believe patients need an advocate…one who helps clients understand what’s wrong with them, what they need to do about it and why those treatments are important. In this way, case and care managers serve as catalysts. By participating, case and care managers enable their clients to achieve goals more effectively and efficiently.”